About Us


Matt Smith - Owner

You can rely on Bulldog Garage Doors of Surprise and Peoria Arizona to provide the type of service you would expect from a locally owned company, providing you with top notch service, quality, and value. Matt is an Arizona native from Flagstaff and holds an Associate degree in General Studies from Coconino Community College, he loves spending time with his family and his bulldogs.

Matt’s passion as a self-starter has allowed him to take his Garage Door Services to the next level, where he aimed to build a company from the ground up to serve his clientele in a more engaging way, providing services at the right price, and making sure right cost model and attention to detail were the main ingredients to his brand, and because of this Matt prides himself in serving customers while making his services more affordable, unlike others, and also by making sure the work is done the right way, from start to finish.

Matt brings 8 years of expertise in the Garage Door Service industry and has built his brand and reputation over the years, not only with his company, but also with previous employers where he held several managerial roles. Matt’s desire to treat customers right has motivated him to start his own business, his driven nature has prompt him to pursue his own ideals as previous managers wouldn’t listen to employee’s growth changing ideas, his bosses wouldn’t listen to what he had to say, so he took it to the next level and built his own company. The lessons learned from working in different companies has helped Matt take a different approach to serve the local community better, separating himself from overpriced services, unrealistic expectations, and unengaged staff.

One of the accomplishments Matt is most proud of in the Garage Door Service industry, is ranking in second place out of 40 companies in the city of Surprise through Expertise.com, not to mention his 260+ five star Google reviews and other high scoring reviews in different social media platforms. In addition to these great accomplishments, Matt also helped a previous employer place globally as the third supplier for packaging services around the world.

Why should you hire me? When you hire Bulldog Garage Doors, you will get the best personable service with verifiable referrals, Matt breaks this down in three areas:

1. Honesty, he even encourages multiple bids.
2. Matt makes sure to answer every call, and
3. Matt truly honors the warranties you get, unlike others.

At Bulldog Garage Doors, you are not just a number, we want you and your family to be safe and secure.